14 drinking soda is danger for your health

drinking soda

drinking sodaFizzy drinks is one of many people favorite drinks, many do not realize the dangers drinking soda. delicious and fresh, making the drink is favored by many people. But did you know fizzy drinks have effects that are very dengerous for health. Fizzy drinks can lead to high risk exposed to dangerous diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney and many others.

Here is the incredible dangers caused by fizzy drinks :
1.       Causes of diabetes
Diabetics are prohibited from consuming sugar. Sodas contain artificial sweeteners. dibatetics Hormone insulin in the body is not enough, so it’s not able to convert sugar into glycogen. Blood sugar in the body is increased, it’s very dangerous for health.
Fizzy drinks are one of main causes trigger diabetes. diabetes can trigger other diseases such as stroke and coronary artery disease. If you want to reduce the risk of diabetes affected, reduce and even stop drinking fizzy.
2.       Caused obesity
Fizzy drinks high calories. Calories can increase the risk of obesity. Sugar content in fizzy drinks 4 fold more than other sweet drinks. obesity is not only attacking adults, can also attack the children.
United States obesity levels in children is very high. One cause is fizzy drinks. Fizzy drinks have become a routine every day. To avoid the risk of obesity stop drinking fizzy.
3.       Caused addiction
Fizzy drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine can make addiction. Caffeine has an effect that is bad for the body such as heart palpitations, insomnia, low blood pressure and many others.
4.        tooth decay increase
In a study, 3200 people respondents experienced tooth decay due to drinking soda .  because the content of sugar and carbonation drink soda  very high, thus causing tooth decay. Phosphoric acid also causes tooth decay by dissolving calcium teeth.
5.        kidney Damage
USA doing research the dangers of carbonated drinks against 3256 people. They routinely consuming fizzy drinks at least 2 times a day. The result is as much as 30% of respondents suffered kidney damage and decreased kidney function. This is because the content of fizzy drinks contain artificial sweeteners, artificial colorants, caffeine and phosphoric acid.
6.       Cause of brittle bones
Phosphoric acid can cause brittle bones. In a study, phosphoric acid can  brittle bone. Because phosphoric acid can dissolve the calcium in bones. As a result the bones become brittle and porous
Harvard University ever do a research about this. They observed two teenage athletes, 1 consume drink Fizzy and 1 people do not consume fizzy drinks. The result, athletes who consuming fizzy drinks suffered broken bones 5 times more than the teen athlete who did not consume  fizzy drinks.
7.       increase risk of cancer pancreas
In a study in the USA, fizzy drink chemicals  substances is trusted can trigger cancer. Studies towards 60524 respondents. Respondents consuming fizzy drinks at least 2 times a day for 14 years. The result as much as 87% experiencing cancer risk pancreas.
8.       Do not have vitamin
Fizzy drinks do not have vitamin. Fizzy drinks only contain artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and taste the fruit only. Fizzy drinks do not have positive effects for the body.
9.       easy body pain
hazardous substances in the fizzy drinks can help viruses and bacteria thrive well in the body. makes the body susceptible to dangerous diseases.
10.   Diluting stomach lining 
Fizzy drinks contain acid substances so hard, can dilute the gastric lining.  substance acid can erode stomach lining and cause indigestion of food.
so the cause of abdominal pain and increased production of gas in the stomach. For patients with ulcer diseases, fizzy drink is very dangerous.
11.    increase urine production
Fizzy drinks have negative effects for the digestion minerals in the body.  increase urine production which can lead to dehydration. The minerals that enter into the body issued again through the urine. Fizzy drinks can not eliminate the thirst, make thirst increases.
12.   heart Disorders
Fizzy drinks contain sodium which is harmful to health. Sodium can damage the strength of the heart and stricken with heart disease.
13.   Triggers gout disease
Fructose content in fizzy drinks can trigger disease gout. gout disease resulting in pain in the body and can interfere with productivity.
14.   Causes premature aging
Acid content in fizzy drinks can make skin wrinkles. Skin wrinkles make look older. Avoid fizzy drinks to avoid premature aging.
After you know the dangers of drinks fizzy, better replace it with other drinks that are more beneficial to health. Like cow’s milk, soy milk, white water, the Green, the black fruit, juice or yoghurt. To avoid the risk of a disease that is dangerous to the body.
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