what is alzheimer’s disease | prevent alzheimer’s as early as possible

what is alzheimer’s disease– many people do not know what is alzheimer’s disease, the disease is very dangerous for the sufferer.

What is Alzheimer’s?
Alzheimer is type the most common of demensia, initially sign by the weakening of memory, to brain disorders in planning, reasoning, perception and language. In people with alzheimer’s, symptoms develop slowly over time. in alzheimer’s disease, brain health is down, lead to decreased memory and mental abilities. Alzheimer’s affects more women than men.

what is alzheimer's disease

what is alzheimer’s disease


Alzheimer’s was discovered in 1906 by dr. Alois Alzheimer, Alzheimer’s word comes from the name of discoverer dr. Alois Alzheimer. this disease  found first-time in brain tissue of a woman who died because of a mental disorder which has never known before that.
Alzheimer’s is a disease that attacks the human brain. Alzheimer’s is not infectious disease , but it’s the kind of syndromes with apoptosis (programmed death cell) that happened at the same time in brain cells, affect brain will constrict and shrink.
Alzheimer’s is not part of the normal aging process, but your risk is affected by alzheimer’s rises as you get older. Five percent of the people between the ages of 65-74 years suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and almost 50 percent of people older than 85 have Alzheimer’s disease.
What is Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms?
At first most of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms is difficult to recognize. maybe we think decline memory the usual symptoms are, caused by increasing age, But when the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease entering advanced stage, this condition can significant impact for the sufferer.
the rate of speed the development of the alzheimer’s disease symptoms is different in each sufferer, but generally the symptoms develop slowly over several years, that is when the brain cells will die slowly so that the delivery performance  signals to brain are getting distracted. alzheimer’s disease symptoms is divided into 3 stages, namely early stage, intermediate stages , and final stage.
Early Stage
the following is an example of alzheimer’s disease symptoms an early stage that could be a warning for you:
·         forget the names objects or places
·         forget the events that just happened or conversation that had been discussed
·         often get lost even in your own environment
·         wrong put items,like put plate on clothes closet
·         often repeat the same question
·         difficult in making of shopping details or pay bills
·         experiencing mood swings, like than happy to be sad or otherwise in suddenly without a clear reason
·         difficult adapt to changes
·         reluctant to do new things
·         not interested anymore with activity that was once preferred
·         often spend a lot of time to sleep during the day
·         easy bad minded
·         spend more time in front of television rather than socialize with family or friends
Intermediate Stage
in the intermediate stage alzheimer disease symptoms will increased. usually sufferers in this stage must be given extra attention and begin assisted her daily activities, like bath, toilet use, dressing and eating.the following are examples of secondary stage symptoms :
·         difficult to remember the name of family member or friends
·         disorientation and sense confused increased e.g. sufferers do not know where he is
·         having problems in communicating
·         mood swings more often occur
·         restless, frustration, anxious and depression
·         sometimes experience vision disorders
·         experience disruption in sleep patterns
·         impultif behaviors, repetitive or obsessive
·         begin to experience hallucinations or delusions
Final Stages
In final stage alzheimer’s sufferers normally very difficult to do daily activities alone. Therefore, they need supervision and assistance thoroughly, examples symptoms alzheimer’s disease final stage :
·         decline memory that is getting worse
·         not being able to communicate with others
·         not being able to smile
·         hallucinations and delusions the more soured, make the sufferer is always suspicious of those around him, even apply rough could also
·         not able to move without assisted by other people
·         urinate or defecate unwitting
·         weight down significantly
·         ignore the hygiene itself
·         ignore self hygiene
·         having trouble swallowing food
When a person has one or more of these symptoms, it does not means he have alzheimer’s disease. There are also other medical conditions that can cause the same problem, such as :
·         conditions that affect the metabolism such as a thyroid problems drug abuse
·         taking medication that don’t work well together
·         Parkinson’s disease
·         Depression
·         Stress
 If you have any of these symptoms Please go to doctor check if you are has alzheimer’s or something else.
What causes alzheimer’s disease?
Not yet known what the exact cause of alzheimer’s disease. but through laboratory studies, seems clear this disease can deadly and damaging of brain cells gradually. the experts argued death of brain cells that occurs due to the beta-amyloid protein blob, well as tangled of yarn of the protein in the brain cells that lead to the circulation of nutrients or other substances needed the brain be disturbed.
and 16 percent suffered by those aged above 80 years
Here are some of the factors according to experts can trigger alzheimer’s disease :
1.      Age. alzheimer’s disease extremely vulnerable affected by those who are already aged above 65 years, and 16 percent suffered by those aged above 80 years. However, about 5 percent of alzheimer’s cases occur under 65 years.
2.      head injuries. those who ever experienced severe injuries in the head have a higher risk of alzheimer’s disease-affected.
3.      Genetics. According the study, those who have a parent or sibling with alzheimer’s would be more at risk of alzheimer’s disease-affected. less than 5 percent of cases alzheimer’s disease occurs due to changes or genetic mutations.
4.      suffering fromdown syndrome. genetic disorder causing the occurrence of down syndrome can also lead to beta-amyloid protein stacking in brain so can trigger the occurrence of alzheimer’s disease.
5.      Affected mild cognitive disorder. those with cognitive disorders and more memory at risk exposed to alzheimer’s disease.
6.      bad lifestyle and conditions related to heart disease. According the study, factors that can lead to heart disease, also can result  the risk of alzheimer’s-affected, such as less eating fibrous foods, smoking habit, lack of exercise, severe obesity, suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.
How to Prevent Alzheimer’s?
Here are some ways to prevent alzheimer’s disease :
1 .     consumption of healthy foods the fat and cholesterol low. increase intake of fiber like fruits and    vegetables.
2.      quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption.
3.      If you suffer from a stroke, diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol try to live healthy and regularly consumption medication that the doctor recommended.
4.      If you are obese, try to lose weight safely.
5.      make sure you always routinely checked my blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and sugar on a regular basis so you can always be alert.
6.      exercise regularly at least two and a half hours each week, such as cycling or walking.
Generally people who are active in social, physical and mental is not easily affected by alzheimer’s disease. therefore do the fun things that can stimulate your mind and body motion. because prevent it better than cure.

source : http://www.alodokter.com
image source: http://www.pixabay.com

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