what is diabetes mellitus signs and symptoms

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What is Diabetes Mellitus/DM?
Diabetes mellitus is a disease where the body of sufferer can’t automatically control the level of sugar/glucose in the blood. That causes higher than normal blood sugars in its sufferers. Diabetes Mellitus can impaired insulin secretion and variable degrees of peripheral insulin resistance leading to hyperglycemia.
Diabetes is metabolism disorder of sugar distribution by body. Diabetics can’t produce insulin in sufficient amounts or the body is not able to use insulin effectively, so there was an excess of sugar in the blood. Chronic excess sugar in the blood (hyperglycemia) it becomes toxic to the body.
what is diabetes mellitus signs and symptoms

Glucose levels in the blood controlled by several hormones. Hormones is chemical substance roduced by the endocrine glands that have a particular effect on the activities of the other organs in the body. insulin hormone is a hormone made by the pancreas that allow to your body use sugar (glucose) from the carbohydrates in the food you eat for energy or storing glucose for future use. when eating pancreas produces insulin for send a message on other cells in the body. insulin ordered the cell to take glucose from the blood. Glucose is used to made energy by body.
Excess glucose is stored in the cells as glycogen. At a time when blood sugar levels reach a certain low level, cells break down glycogen into glucose to create energy
Various disease, syndrome and symptom can be caused by diabetes mellitus, like:  
Alzheimer’s ataxia-telangiectasia, Down syndrome, Huntington’s disease, mitochondrial disorders, miotonis dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, Prader-Willi syndrome, Werner syndrome, Wolfram Syndrome, leukoaraiosis, dementia, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypogonadism, and others.
Its very important for everyone to know the early diabetes symptoms. Not only for those at high risk, but also for those of you who feel only healthy and does not have history and potential for severe diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes can develop quickly in the past few weeks, even a few days only. While many type 2 diabetics who do not realize that they had suffered from diabetes for many years because the symptoms tend to be non-specific. Some of the symptoms of diabetes type 1 and type 2 include:
·         Feel thirsty often
·         Frequent urination, especially at night.
·         Extreme hunger.
·         The decline of weight without a clear reason.
·         There are ketones in the urine. Ketones are a byproduct of the metabolism of muscle and fat that occurs when insulin production is not enough.
·         Fatigue.
·         Blur eyesight
·         Decreased muscle mass.
·         Old wounds are healed.
·         High blood pressure, high blood pressure can be caused due to unhealthy eating patterns.
      One of the foods that can prevent high blood is Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt can help to prevent high blood plessure.
·         Often experiencing an infection, for example in the gums, skin, vagina, or urinary tract
Diabetes Symptoms In Women
In the meantime, unfortunately from some specific symptoms often experienced by women but their unconscious. Thus, what symptoms it is usually present is it? Below are some of the symptoms that you can have to beware and immediate consultations to physicians, according to Priests, among them the following:
·         Vaginal infection characterized by whitish repeatedly, despite getting treatment.
·         Diabetic women are more susceptible to fungal infections in the area of sex organs because the area is experiencing kelambaban is high enough.
·         Experiencing hormonal function disorder due to blood flow is not smooth.
·         Polycystic ovarian syndrome are likely to experience. Hormonal balance is disturbed that will interfere with the reproductive system.
·         Trigger diabetes, too, usually found in women who experience depression.
·         Have high cholesterol levels than men
From the results of a recent study conducted by medical experts, it has been new theory started that diseases diabetes mellitus is not only caused by hereditary factors (genetic), but is alsoaffected by several other factors that multi-complex, among other living habits and environment
The Research Of James W. Anderson. U.S. diet experts, for example, he can change a young healthy people with slender body in just less than two weeks suffering from mild diabetes by giving food to 65% fat. But when the people were fed fat 5% plus 0.5 kg of sugar per day, in eleven weeks none of those suffering from the disease of diabetes
Many  the research concludes, that fat is the leading cause of diabetes mellitus. Fat resulted in insulin resistance. Sugar is not good for people suffering from diabetes mellitus. But sugar is not the cause of the onset of the disease. It’s just that if most of the sugar that means most calories, would make someone become overweight so it will be easier for developing diabetes mellitus.
Hereditary factors also play an important role, this is corroborated by the incidence of this disease in the family. If the parents or one or both are suffering from diabetes, then most likely her children more at risk of severe disease. There are other factors that can trigger, such as viral infections, obesity, diet, aging process, stress, drinking drugs that have side effects of raising this blood sugar levels and others.
The Causes Of Diabetes Are Often Encountered:
·         Too often eat of fatty foods
·         Lack of sport, never even do sports
·         Often stayed up late every day
·         Often smoke
·         Frequent eat food and beverages containing artificial sweeteners
·         lees a fibers in the body
If you don’t want to experience these diseases we recommend that you don’t do things which can result in the risk of diabetes, diabetes is very dangerous if it has been exposed to a person’s body even though there are many different treatments for diabetes but it would be better you perform various prevention. One of the keys to prevent this disease is to maintain your diet because diabetes disease indeed caused by food so you have to prevent it by making a healthy diet, control the amount of sugar in your body don’t carelessly consuming food and drink sweets especially containing artificial sweeteners.
Well, I’ve given you all the information about the symptoms of diabetes is wet may the information I provide be useful to all of you. Thank you friends have read this article, do not forget to always keep your diet so that you are all spared from the disease diabetes.
Risk factors of diabetes
Risk factors of diabetes is based on the type of diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes risk factors
Although the exact cause of type 1 diabetes is not known, heredity may affect. Another factor is exposed to a disease caused by a virus.
The risk factors of type 2 diabetes
• Fat.
The more fat tissue of your body, the higher the Balinese have done anyway to insulin.
• Passive Behavior.
Passive behavior will make the fat in the body is not burning. Physical activities will help control it and more and more use of glucose for energy the more sensitive your cells against glucose.
• Hereditary factors.
• Age.
The risk will increase along with the age where physical activity tends to decrease.
• Gestational diabetes.
If you have gestational diabetes while pregnant, then the risk of experiencing prediabetes and type 2 diabetes will increase later. If your baby born weighed over 4 pounds then you also affected risk of type 2 diabetes.
• Polycystic ovary syndrome.
Marked by irregular menstrual periods, the hair grows too much and obesity.
Other conditions related to diabetes include:
High blood pressure
How to prevent diabetes mellitus?
Do prevention efforts since from the beginning or before the illness diabetes is an act which is very wise. Diabetes prevention efforts or prevention of diabetes mellitus should have already become our common consciousness. Very true saying “PREVENTING is BETTER THAN CURE”.
You must know that the cost of treating diabetes or treatment of diabetes mellitus is not cheap when you are tervonis of developing diabetes mellitus, severe stage. So soon did various attempts to you can prevent yourself from terjangkitnya disease diabetes mellitus.
Below are some of the efforts that could or even should You do for you could be spared from the disease diabetes.
·         Apply the pattern of healthy living
·         Make your life regularly scheduled and in running the activities of life. The manifest irregularity in the pattern of life will sting affect the work of the various organs and glands
·         Apply a good diet and healthy
·         Keep your self from the entry of unhealthy food intake and risk on health in the long term such as foods with a high fat meal containing preservatives, artificial flavorings, and coloring
·         Keep your spiritual mental condition
·         Keep away from prolonged stress conditions, stay away from from the attitude like anger, and always in a relationship with God by various acts of worship of the religion. The mental condition of the spiritual is very influential on health.
·         Doing physical activity regularly
·         Physical activity can be done with exercise, a job filled with physical activities like shopping into the market by foot and so on
·         Keep your weight on the ideal limit bandan
·         You are obese or overweight? Immediately lower your weight. Obesity has a very high risk factor for someone stricken with various illnesses such as severe coronary artery disease, cancer, mellitus, dibetes and other severe diseases.
·         Stay away from smoking and alcoholic beverages
·         You smoke and drink? Carefully! You have set up the future that towards your health. You sting susceptible to developing diabetes and other heavy diseases in the future.
·         consumed various herbs that can prevent dibetes mellitus
·         In nature about widely available herbal ingredients that are useful to prevent and overcome 

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